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Free Movie websites to watch movies and tv shows online

It is hard to find a site where you can watch all your favorite movies and TV Shows online. The problems you might face would be Buffering problem or Sign in process and stuff. So now I will tell you the sites where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows online without any problem. Out of all these 25 Sites you can read their descriptions and choose which sites suit you the best and can fulfill your requirements with the kind of movies you want to watch. I have reviewed plenty of sites of watching Movies online and these 25 sites given below are the best sites to watch Movies and TV shows online. Hopefully you will find a site which you would really like.

Best Free Movie websites 2019 List:

  1. Amazon

Amazon is a well known online watching Movies and TV shows site. This site provides you 30 days free trial to watch all the Famous and Award winning Movies and TV shows from HBO series, Star Movies etc. Amazon has the largest collection of Movies and TV Shows. Try it and you won’t regret.

  1. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the best site to watch Movies online. You can watch your favorite movies and TV Shows in High Definition also. SolarMovie doesn’t cost any Penny and the interface of this website is very easy. The Problems I had when I visit the site was that they changes their URL quite a lot of time. So make sure to visit Butterblog to see all the updates.

  1. Movierulz

Movierulz is an amazing site to watch Movies and TV shows online that’s why this Movierulz site has earned the Third spot on the List. You can find a Good quality copy of the Movies and TV shows you want to watch.

  1. Movie4K

Movie4k has a loads of links to almost every Streaming Movies and TV shows online. Movie4k will let you find the numbers of links to different Online Movies watching sites.

  1. Vumoo

One of the best designed online Movies watching site. All the movies are available in High definition and can stream very fast. And the best part is all the movies and TV Shows are absolutely free. So if you don’t want to spend a penny then do visit this site.

  1. Watch-Movies

Watch-Movies update their sites regularly so you can find new Movies and TV Shows easily. But the Quality of Movies and TV Shows are not as great as Amazon. All and all it is still a great site.

  1. PrimeWire

Updates every Minute and provides links to stream high definition Movies and TV Shows. All the Movies and TV shows on this site are Free.

  1. Movie25

Movie doesn’t have TV shows in it but it can Provide loads of High quality streaming links  for a single Movie. So you will definitely find the best links for you here.

  1. CoolMovieZone

CoolMovieZone provides you newly released Movies. This Site updates regularly to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

  1. Film Club

Film Club is also a very nice designed site just like Vumoo, However this online watching Movies and TV shows is not in English so some people won’t like this site.

  1. MovieManiac

MovieManiac Categorized it’s movies with different Genre from Bollywood to Hollywood. It keeps updating its website with the latest and greatest Movies.

  1. Tube+

Tube+ is a great site to find New Movies in High Quality. You can see all the update contents by just clicking on the Most recent Episode link.

  1. WollowTube

WollowTube is another great Online Movies and TV shows watching site for free. WollowTube lets you stream Movies and TV shows in High Definition.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is owned by NBC, FOX and ABC. Hulu offers you to stream Movies and TV shows which are available in US. Basically it’s for the US people.

  1. Viewster

Viewster offers you unlimted Movies streaming for free. Just search for the movies with the Genre like Romantic, Drama, Action or Comedy. You can simply click on Play to start stream your Favorite movies.

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The main hardware features include switches, modems and routers. For WAN to function effectively, these hardware features must be implemented.

Connection between a local area network and wide area network is made possible using routers, it uses IP address to make decisions.


Data-link layer

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It is an electronic device that takes care of tasks involving routing information between local area network and wide area network. Operations that involves sending unit of data by selecting the path, makes use of switch. Switch send data to the required destination using MAC addresses. While Routers operates at the third layer, switch operate at the second layer.


WAN cloud

By an George Allen, Oct-2016

Communication between a computer and another computer using mobile phone lines is made possible using modem. For transmission to take place in this layer, signal must be transformed from digital to analogue. In this way, communication will take place more effectively. Modem operates at the first layer and may be called modulator in full.



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