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It does not matter the career you belong to or the qualifications you hold, if you cannot remember past event/history, you don't deserve those qualifications, you don't  deserve to be respected, infact, it is a taboo for mankind to pass through this world without allowing the world pass through him.


In as much as web histories were not fully reserved, artifacts traced to the last three decades has been preserved, thanks to web historians. Keeping record of the past while running our race is a vital and tedious task. Due to peoples lack of consideration in important things like this, numerous site we know nothing about has been cleared from history without any trace. This will continue this way until we change our mindset and begin to see reasons why we should store up this events.



There have been observable improvement in the development of web. Though not as popular as technology, it passed through the same process of history.

Web 1.0 was able to perform operations just like web 2.0 but in a different way.

For instance, while web 2.0 have a comment section for users to share their thoughts, web 1.0 has visitorsbook were visitor's comments are published.

According to Cormode G. and Krishnamurthy B. " content creators were few in web 1.0 with the vast majority of users simply acting as consumers of content"

Web Content

In 1999, Darcy Dinucci gave web 2.0 its name. When web 2.0 was launched, people did not see it as an upgrade to any specification, they viewed it as a new web page design with new features. Interaction on social media were unlimited.

Terry Flew in a news media, described the main differences between web 1.0 and web 2.0 ." Move from personal website to blogs and blog site aggregation, from publishing to participation, from web content as the outcome of large up-front investment to an ongoing and interactive process and from content management system to links based on tagging website content using keywords" Terry said.

Semantic Advancement

Semantic web, also called web 3.0 was named by Berners-lee. It is a web where meaning can be derived by machines.

According to world wide web consortium(W3C), "The semantic web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise and community boundaries"

Due to changes and advancement, lot of differences has been sited over the years.

There are lot of things to point to when talking about the dissimilarities between web 1.0, web 2.0 and semantic web, the most vital ones are discussed below.

Web Users

WEB 1.0- Users could store,distribute and review digital photograph. Web 1.0 inform users about lastest digital audio, songs and new improvement used in the music industry.
It has elements like static page, frames and tables to place features on page, filesystem to serve contents, HTML extensions like <blink> tag, online visitor'sbook, GIF buttons, HTML forms which operate with email, operating systems and text editor.


WEB 2.0- Unlike web 1.0, users could share their thoughts to the site content using the comment box. It has user account where users could have a base in the site to increase the site daily activities and participation. It has elements like dynamic HTML (a replacement to static page), a relational database management system, a web application written in a diverse programming language, software-as-a-service which allow automatic usage and mass participation where wide varities of users share thoughts and ideas. Example include facebook, linkedin, instagram and twitter. Site which involve social networking are good example of web 2.0.

• SEMANTIC WEB- It is also called web 3.0. It is an advancement of the previous web versions. It has features like uniform resource identifier(URLS) which uses HTTP protocol, resource description framework(RDF), web ontology language(OWL) and extensible markup language(XML). The links between them is described by HTML. More research is going on and soon, advance features will surface.






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DSL connections

By an George Allen, Oct-2016

The main hardware features include switches, modems and routers. For WAN to function effectively, these hardware features must be implemented.

Connection between a local area network and wide area network is made possible using routers, it uses IP address to make decisions.


Data-link layer

By an George Allen, Oct-2016

It is an electronic device that takes care of tasks involving routing information between local area network and wide area network. Operations that involves sending unit of data by selecting the path, makes use of switch. Switch send data to the required destination using MAC addresses. While Routers operates at the third layer, switch operate at the second layer.


WAN cloud

By an George Allen, Oct-2016

Communication between a computer and another computer using mobile phone lines is made possible using modem. For transmission to take place in this layer, signal must be transformed from digital to analogue. In this way, communication will take place more effectively. Modem operates at the first layer and may be called modulator in full.



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